The participants to Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneruship are invited to join the debates in the following round tables:

  • Entrepreneurial Innovators

The global economy is facing a major shift from traditional ways of thinking, implementing and developing a business idea to a more innovative and lucrative modus operandi. This is due in part to the advanced technology that surrounds us and becomes more and more accessible. Entrepreneurs have reached a point in which they have to innovate very fast and create not only effective business plans but more important, truly innovative business models that create real added value to the community. In order to observe this shifts and the possible approaches, we have invited several successful and innovative entrepreneurs who have created lucrative business models based on a platform that allows them to satisfy the needs of the customer in ways never experienced until now. Their businesses offer to customers an experience rather than a product / a service. They present successful stories that other young entrepreneurs can get inspired from.

Moderator: Costin Dămășaru, SNSPA

Vlad Buda & Dan Ursan, managing partners, Steam Coffee
Cristian Tudor, owner, Micro Green
Andrei Botescu, managing partner, Pegas
Cristian Păun, vice-dean, Faculty of International Economic Relations, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
Toma Adrian Dinu, dean, Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine


  • Entrepreneurship and Digital Revolution

Many reasons drive all types of businesses to incorporate digital approaches, if not to become digital. The drives for entrepreneurs are, nevertheless, different from those of large corporations, as well as the mechanism they have to design, implement and cope with. This roundtable investigates the specific motives and challenges the entrepreneurs face to take advantage of the digital revolution.

Moderator: Rareș Mocanu, SNSPA

Florina Pînzaru, Dean, Faculty of Management, SNSPA
Horia Grozea, Director Online & Mobile Payments, Netopia Romania
Marian Costache, Motion Vision Communication
Claudiu Jojatu, Friends Advertising


  • Entrepreneurial University Challenges

The participants to this round table will explore which are the factors that influenced university to take a more entrepreneurial approach, as well as which are the current challenges they face to have an effective entrepreneurial approach of their environment.  An entrepreneurial mindset has helped universities to cope with a dynamic environment, to attract funding, to offer students new experiential learning environment and many other benefits. In this framework, the strategies of entrepreneurial universities should adapt to new social and economic environments to continue to support universities to be effective in attaining their missions.

Moderator: Sergiu Stan, Faculty of Management, SNSPA
Co-organizer: Junior Achievement Romania

Ioana Petrescu, former Ministry of Finance, SNSPA
Karl-Heinz Leitner, University of Graz
Dorin Călin, National Operations Manager, JA Romania
Radu Popescu, Advanced Software Engineering Associate Manager, Accenture
Cosmin Malureanu, CEO Ascendia
Luminita Derscanu, Euroins
Cristi Dima, CEO Hobber


  • Social Entrepreneurship: an East – West divide?

The Laboratory of Management of Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship of the Research Center in Management and Leadership (FM – SNSPA) proposes to debate the latest evolutions in social entrepreneurship (SE) in Europe, starting from the map of SE developed in 2015 by the European Commission. Countries in Central and Eastern Europe are new-comers in regulating social enterprises; they are considering / piloting schemes of reporting the social impact. Although social enterprises in Eastern Europe tend to be of a smaller scale and have smaller annual revenues, they could generate an equal number of work-places with companies in Western Europe.  These are only some aspects to be considered during the debates, concentrating on questions such as What are the specific challenges of social entrepreneurs in countries around Europe? What are the sectors preferred by social entrepreneurs in various countries? What is the impact of social entrepreneurship across Europe?

Moderator: Alexandra Zbuchea, SNSPA
Organizer: Laboratory of Research in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship, SNSPA

Mihaela Lambru, Faculty of Sociology, University of Bucharest
Cristina Barna, Institute for Social Economy
Ralf Wagner, University of Kassel
Corina Angelescu, Social Impact Award Romania
Oana Almășan, Arizona State University
Irina Sorescu, MamaPan
Mihaela Cărăușan, Faculty of Public Administration – SNSPA; Centre for Academic Excellence
Razvan Ostroveanu, Institute