The conference venue is SNSPA’s new campus, opened in October 2014 in the north of Bucharest, one of the most dynamic parts of the city.
The conference cocktail dinner, on May 2o, will be held in the vibrant city center.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is the largest city and the main political, administrative, economic, financial, educational, academic and cultural center of the country. Bucharest, a capital which was first time mentioned more than 500 years ago, is nowadays animated by a population of almost two million inhabitants. Today, the city is a mix of old and new, traditional and modern, in a neoclassical style that is showing originality and charm. In 2012, Bucharest ranked second among Europe’s ‘coolest’ cities, according to a top published by the online magazine slate.fr, taking into account several criteria, such as the price of beer, the number of students in the city and the number of neighborhoods where tourists and residents can have fun.



The organizers, when solicited, will only provide information and counseling for hotel booking.

A list of hotels close to the university’s campus:
Pullman Hotel (4 stars)
Ramada Plaza Bucharest (4 stars)
Crowne Plaza Bucharest (4 stars)
Saama Hotel (3 stars)
Residence Hotels (4 stars)

A list of hotels close to the city center:
Intercontinental Hotel (4 stars)
Z Executive Boutique (4 stars)
Rembrand Hotel (3 stars)
Tania-Frankfurt Hotel (3 stars)


EU participants
All participants coming from the EU countries (*as well as the US, Canada and Australia) can enter Romanian territory with their personal ID card.

Non-EU participants
Non-EU citizens need a special Visa (*except for the US, Canadian and Australian citizens) which can be obtained from any Romanian embassy. Please, be advised that it takes from a few days to a few weeks to obtain the visa.

Coming to Bucharest

Bucharest is well connected to almost the entire world. Daily flights arrive and depart from the Henri Coandă Airport, north of the city.

Public transport from the airport:

  • The 780 Express line connects Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport with Gara de Nord (the main railway station).
  • The 783 Express line connects Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport with the city center.
  • Airport stops: in front of the Arrivals Terminal and Departures Terminal.
  • Price for one trip is 3,5 lei (less than one Euro). Magnetic cards can be purchased at the card desk, in front of the Arrivals Terminal.
  • Both lines have stops close to Pullman hotel and the univerity’s campus.

Taxis from the Henri Coandă International Airport to Bucharest:

  • On-demand taxi services are available at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport. You may access these services by contacting the “Taxi by request” desk.

The approximate price would probably be around 5 Euros (only lei are accepted).